Within NUSAC a few members have attained life member status, this is something that cannot be purchased or won but it is only available to those that have gone above and beyond in their commitment to the club. Since NUSAC was founded in 1975 only eight members have reached this lofty title.

Life members:

Mike OwenFounding Member
Life member until his death in 2012
Paul MillichampMember since 1975
Steve ScarlettMember since 1982 Tom HoodMember since 1986
Geraint Ffoulkes-Jones Graham CaseyMember since 1990
Jon HoultMember since 1998 Alex WarzynskiMember since 2000


Some small rules have been created by life members, some serious and some not.

  1. Victual of their choice must be in their hands at all times
  2. Must have seats offered to them
  3. Not required to pay membership fees
  4. Able to veto food choices
  5. Members must show deference
  6. No faffing buddies
  7. Jokes must be laughed at
  8. Be a representative of the dive club in a fit and proper manner