Unfortunately, diving is generally an expensive sport, however we do all that we can to minimise the costs. That being said, learning to dive or diving with us, as a student club, is one of the cheapest way of diving.

More information follows but to dive with us you need:

  • UoN Sub Aqua Membership
  • BSAC Membership

If you are doing any training with us you will also need to purchase the appropriate training pack which contains all the course materials you need.


As with all clubs, we have a membership fee, paid to the club, that supports club activities. Unlike many other societies, as a BSAC club we also require all diving members to be members of BSAC, whether you are qualified with BSAC or not. This is because they provide the platform for us to dive and run the club in the way that we do, it enables members to take BSAC training should they wish to and also covers the club and individual divers insurance wise.

Contact the Vice President for BSAC membership questions or the General Secretary for questions about club membership. Although both will be able to help with either membership!

UoN Sub Aqua Membership Fees

Compared to other diving clubs, UoNSAC annual membership fees offer exceptional value for money. We have a few different membership types due to the different usage of club facilities. Prices vary depending on membership type:

For Student Members:

  • Novice Diver – £45
  • Qualified or Returning Diver – £35
  • Instructor – £15

For Associate Members:

  • Associate Membership – £30
  • Associate Instructor – £15

To sign up visit the Nottingham Students Union Website and sign up on the Sub Aqua page.


BSAC Membership Fees

BSAC membership fees are the same regardless of what BSAC club you are a member of, or how many clubs you are a member of. Therefore if you are a BSAC member at another club you will not have to pay this fee again. This money does not go to the club, but goes directly to BSAC itself.

BSAC Membership fees are:

  • Student Diving Member – £31.50
  • Full Diving Member – £60.00

To sign up visit the BSAC website and follow the instructions on buying membership via a club and select the University of Nottingham Sub Aqua Club.


Training Fees

Training fees cover training matirials, Instructor expenses and qualification fees. They must be paid if you are undertaking any training.

Training Packs and Qualification Fees

Training packs and qualification fees are paid to the club to order the relevent training pack. The fees are:

  • Ocean Diver – £40.00
  • Sports Diver – £30.00
  • Sports Diver (Crossover) – £40.00
  • Dive Leader – £30.00
  • Dive Leader (Crossover) – £40.00

If you are undertaking an SDC or another course, then the training and qualification fees will be included in the advertised cost of the SDC.

Open Water Dives

To qualify at any level, you must complete a prescribed number of open water dives. These are typically done on training trips or stoney days (trips to the local diving quarry). Training trips usually cost around £120 – £150 and cover 2 days diving, which is up to 6 open water dives, usually 4 dives. Stoney days cost around £50 and are usually 2 dives, can be 3 if done quickly and efficiently.

Most people find that the training trips are the cheapest (and most fun way) of completing their open water dives!


Kit Costs

Although not entirely compulsory, we very strongly reccomend that all members have their own masks, fins, snorkel and boots. This kit can be bought from the club at a kit sale or sourced independently. From the club this kit costs around £100.

Total Costs

Therefore, the total costs for new members are as follows:

New diver joining the club
  • Total Cost – £366.50
    • Membership Fees – £76.50
      • Club Membership – £45.00
      • BSAC Membership – £31.50
    • Training Fees – £190.00
      • Ocean Diver Pack – £40.00
      • Training Trip – £120.00
    • Kit – £100.00
Qualified Diver Joining the Club (Continuing Training)
  • Total Cost – £266.50
    • Membership Fees – £76.50
      • Club Membership – £45.00
      • BSAC Membership – £31.50
    • Training Fees – £190.00
      • Sports Diver (Crossover) Pack – £40.00
      • Training Trip – £120.00
      • #
Qualified Diver Joining the Club (Not Training)
  • Total Cost – £76.50
    • Membership Fees – £76.50
      • Club Membership – £45.00
      • BSAC Membership – £31.50