Membership of the club is exceptionally good value for money and the most cost-effective way of learning to dive there is. You have to be a member of both UoN Sub Aqua and BSAC to dive with the club. Please contact the vice-president for membership forms.

To begin learning how to dive, you need to provide your own mask, fins and snorkel, for a cost of around £100. We have a kit sale where you can purchase heavily discounted kit at the beginning of each academic year.

If you do not wish to continue your training with us and just want to dive on trips you do not need to purchase any training packs.

To dive with us, you need:

  • To be a member of BSAC
  • To be a member of UoNSAC
  • Have a current self-declaration medical form


Everyone must be a member of BSAC andUoN Sub Aqua to dive or train with us.  To sign up to UoN Sub Aqua please head to our page on the Students Union website.

Member without diving qualifications £45.00
Member with diving qualifications or a returning member £35.00
Member with instructor qualification £15.00


Student member (must have proof if over 23) £28.50
Full member £56.50

Training Packs

Required to start training at each level.  You would buy the notes only pack if you have completed the preceding qualification since 2002.  Crossover packs are required for divers joining us from other agencies.  If you qualified before 2002 please contact the training officers.

Ocean Diver £40.00
Sports Diver Student Notes only £19.00
Sports Diver (Crossover) £40.00
Dive Leader Notes & Manual only £30.00
Dive Leader (Crossover) £40.00
Advanced Diver Student Notes only £19.00
Advanced Diver (Crossover) £30.00


  • A student member with no qualifications will require UoNSAC membership, BSAC membership and an Ocean Diver training pack: (45+28.50+40) = £113.50
  • A student member with Ocean Diver will require UoNSAC membership (with quals.), BSAC membership and a Sports Diver training pack (notes only): (35+28.50+19) = £82.50
  • A student member with PADI Open Water (or other organisation equivalent) who wants to continue their training will require UoNSAC membership (with quals.), BSAC membership and a Sports Diver training pack (crossover): (35+28.50+40) = £103.50
  • A student member with Sports Diver will require UoNSAC membership (with quals.) and BSAC membership: (35 + 28.50) = £63.50