Further Training

If you have already completed several stages of training, we still have many courses to offer you! Whether you want to further your diver grade training, take the first steps in instructing or develop specific dive skills, we have something to offer you!

Diver Grade Training

After Sports Diver, there are three further diver grades: Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and First Class Diver.

Dive Leader

Dive Leader is the first of the more ‘senior’ Diver Grades, to qualify as a Dive Leader, you must be a competent, experienced diver with many dives under your belt. As a Dive Leader you will be a role model to less experienced divers within the club and are qualified to supervise trainee ocean divers on experience dives. They are qualified to manage diving at sites known to the club.

To qualify as a dive leader you must:

  • Hold the qualification of sports diver or equivalent from another agency
  • Complete a range of deep dives
  • Complete a range of experience dives

If you are interested in Dive Leader, get in touch and we will talk you through the qualification process and can provide all the nessesary training.

Advanced Diver

Advanced Diver is not to be confused with PADIs Advanced Open Water Diver! BSAC Advanced Divers are highly experienced divers, qualified to manage exploritory diving to unknown sites. They are a grade higher than dive leaders, to qualify they must have a vast array of experience and complete a nationally taught course.

If you are interested in advanced diver get in touch and we will help you to arrange the nessesary componets!

First Class Diver

First Class Diver is the ultimate diver grade and is taught at a national level. To qualify as a first class diver, you must already hold the Advanced Diver qualification. If you are interested in first class diver, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help!

Skill Development Qualifications

Skill Development Qualifications are effectively ‘Add-ons’ to your Diver Grade Certification. They are shorter courses that focus on a specific set of skills to advance your diving in a particular area.

The requirements to take a specific course vary depending on the content, however regardless of how experienced you are there will be a course for you!

We teach many of the qualifications in house, and they are arranged depending on demand. If you would like to take a specific course, get in contact and we will get it sorted for you.

A complete list of BSAC SDCs are avaliable here, we can help arrange all of them, however some of the more popular ones that we teach in house are:

  • Boat Handling
  • Bouyancy and Trim
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Practical Rescue Management
  • First Aid for Divers
  • Underwater Photography
  • Twinset Diving
  • Advanced Decompression Procedures

Instructor Courses

If you are an experienced diver and are passionate to pass this knowlege onto the next generation of divers, we are here to help!

BSAC instructor courses are taught at regional or national level, depending on the exact course. However, depending on circumstance then both the club and the university may provide funding to help cover the costs of the course. Get in touch to know more about the specific courses, but here is a quick run down of some of them.

Instructor Foundation Course (IFC)

Qualifies you as: Assistant Diving Instructor

The IFC is the inital instructor development course, and upon completion qualifies you to teach theory, pool and open water work under varying levels of supervision from a Open Water Instructor.

Open Water Instructor Course (OWIC)

Qualifies you as: Assistant Open Water Instructor

The OWIC is a similar course to the IFC, but teaches the skills in open water. Like the IFC this qualifies you to teach all elements of Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader, under differing levels of supervision from an Open Water Instructor

Theory/Practical Instructor Exams (TIE/PIE)

Qualifies you as: Theory Instructor/Practical Instructor OR Open Water Instructor

The TIE/PIE Exams are the exams that qualify instructors to teach unsupervised. If you pass the Theory Instructor Exam you become a Theory Instructor, and if you pass the Practical Instructor Exam you become a Practical Instructor. These allow you to teach the Theory/Practical Elements of a course unsupervised. Passing both exams qualifies you as an Open Water Instructor.

Want to know more?

If you have any further questions get in touch with one of the two people below!


Max Archer

Max is in charge of Further Training and Skill Development Courses, if you have any questions regarding either of these areas, drop him an email to training@uonsubaqua.com and he’ll help you out!

Dan Jarman

Dan is President of UoNSAC and is the one to speak to regarding any form of Instructor Development Training. He can also refer Instructor candidates to the University Leadership Academy to help with funding!

You can get in touch with him through the president email: president@uonsubaqua.com