Other Agencies


If you’ve previously trained with another diving agency you are more than welcome to continue diving with us.  All we require is that you are a member of UoNSAC and BSAC and complete a checkout dive, which covers a small selection of skills and drills that will teach you BSAC diving procedures and refresh basic skills to ensure competency in them.  After that you can dive with us under your own qualification, within your current qualifications limits.
Equivalency Table
The table below shows the equivalent Diver Grades from PADI, CMAS, NAUI, SSI and SAA certifications. This shows you roughly what level you are compared to the BSAC Divers in the club. It also indicates what level you will start at, i.e. A PADI divemaster will be regaeded as a dive leader for diving purposes.
The list of equivalencies isn’t conclusive, so if your qualification isn’t on the list then get in contact and we will be sure to help!
Ocean Diver Open Water / Advanced Open Water One Star Diver Scuba Diver and Advanced Scuba Diver Open Water and Advanced Open Water Open Water
Sports Diver Rescue Diver Two Star Diver Scuba Rescue Diver Advanced Open Water Diver with ‘Stress
and Rescue’ Speciality
Club Diver
Dive Leader Divemaster Divemaster Dive Control Specialist Dive Leader
Advanced Diver Three Star Diver Dive Supervisor
Continuing Training

As a club we only offer BSAC qualifications, however this doesn’t mean that you cannot continue training with us if you hold qualifications from another agency. To continue training, you need to attend a crossover lecture, to cover BSAC content from earlier courses that your certification won’t have covered, and then you are ready to attend the next BSAC course! For more information checkout the crossover divers section here!