If you’ve previously trained with another diving agency you are more than welcome to continue diving with us.  All we require is that you are a member of NUSAC and BSAC and complete a one hour cross-over lecture and check out dive.  After that you can dive within your own qualification or continue your skills progression through BSAC training.  Please see the table below for crossover equivalences, you can also check the BSAC website for more information.
Ocean Diver Open Water / Advanced Open Water One Star Diver Scuba Diver and Advanced Scuba Diver Open Water and Advanced Open Water Open Water
Sports Diver Rescue Diver Two Star Diver Scuba Rescue Diver Advanced Open Water Diver with ‘Stress
and Rescue’ Speciality
Club Diver
Dive Leader Divemaster Divemaster Dive Control Specialist Dive Leader
Advanced Diver Three Star Diver Dive Supervisor