Crossover Divers

Have you learnt to dive with another agency but want to continue your diver training with us at the UoN Sub Aqua Club?

To do this you need to ‘crossover’ to BSAC, which in itself is a simple process. Simply buy the diver training pack for the next training grade, attend some crossover lectures, where you will cover any materials that BSAC expect you to know from their prevous courses which you won’t have covered with your qualification and then you can start training with us!

If you just want to continue training with SDCs rather than grade training, you can attend and qualify on any SDCs open to the equivelent BSAC grade to your current qualification.

The chart to the right shows the equivalent BSAC grade to a range of common qualifications from other agencies, in terms of joining training, you are considered the BSAC grade of your current qualification at present, and you can start further training for one grade higher than your current qualification.

Questions about crossing over?

Evan Styles

If you have any questions about crossing over to BSAC and continuing your training with us, get in touch with Evan by emailing

Evan is in charge of Sports Diver Training and Crossover Divers and will be happy to help with any queries that you might have!