Sports Diver Training

Sports Diver is the second grade of BSAC Diver training. It introduces an Ocean Diver (or equivalent grade from another agency) to more advanced diving techniques, inlcuding decompression diving, diving using multiple cylinders and other techniques and skills to help progress your diving! Not only does it improve upon your skills but it also enables you to progressively dive deeper, allowing you to extend your depth limit to 35m, under the supervision of a Dive Leader or Instructor.

What you’ll be able to do

Once qualified, Sports Divers are qualified to:

  • Dive to a maximum depth of 35m (after progressive increases under the supervision of a Dive Leader or Instructor)
  • Plan and conduct mandatory decompression dives under the on-site supervision of a dive manager
  • Dive with an Ocean Diver or Sports Diver within the bounds of the qualification and experience of both divers
  • Dive with a Dive Leader to increase experience in unfamiliar conditions
  • Dive under the supervision of an on-site Dive Manager
How to qualify

To start training as a Sports Diver, you must have already qualified as an Ocean Diver or hold an equivalent qualification with another agency. You must also be suitably experienced with 20 logged dives to qualify.

As with Ocean Diver, Sports Diver is delivered in 4 elements: Theory, Sheltered Water, Open Water and Dry Practical Lessons.

Theory Element

The theory element of Sports Diver consists of 6 theory lectures, which introduce an initial grade diver (Ocean Diver or equivalent) to the more advanced diving theory, techniques and equipment, including more rescue techniques and emergency drills. It also covers the theory behind using Nitrox as a breathing gas and the planning required to carry out deeper and decompression dives. The theory lessons are broken down as follows:

  • ST1 – Sport Diving
  • ST2 – Diver Rescue
  • ST3 – Equipment and Techniques
  • ST4 – Deeper Diving
  • ST5 – Breathing Gas Planning and Systems
  • ST6 – Going Diving
Sheltered Water Element

Sports Diver has a single pool session, which introduces a Sports Diver trainee to some of the more advanced rescue skills in a pool, before they have to demonstrate them in open water. The single lesson is entitled:

  • SS1 – Rescue Skills
Open Water Element

The vast majority of Sports Diver practical skills are taught during the Open Water element of the training. These lessons introduces a trainee to different diving techniques that they will not have encountered before. These inlcude dive leading skills, navigation, decompression techniques and rescue skills. The skills are broken down into 5 lessons:

  • SO1 – Diver Rescue
  • SO2 – Use of a Surface Marker Bouy
  • SO3 – Simulated Decompression Dive
  • SO4 – Compass Navigation and DSMB Deployment
  • SO5 – Dive Leading and Basic Skills Review
Dry Practical Element

The Dry Practical element of sports diver consists of a single practical demonstration ‘lesson’. During which the trainee acts as Assistant Dive Manager on an Open Water Dive to a Dive Leader or higher grade diver. To complete the lesson they must demonstrate the skills required to effectively dive manage as taught during the theory modules. The single lesson is entitled:

  • SP1 – Assistant Dive Manager
Questions About Sports Diver?
Evan Styles

Evan is in charge of Sports Diver Training, if you have any questions or would like to get involved with the next course then get in touch with him!

He can be reached through his Training Officer email: