Capernwray 2013

Capernwray 2013

Day 1

It’s time for NUSAC’s largest training trip of the year and it’s off to a flyer as Niko is booked for being creepy as Helen decides to drive herself to the New Inn for dinner. Piotr and Helen quickly rack up bookings for book ignorance and Woz’s car fails to buy him porn. Hannah is still hungover from the previous nights AGM party and is booked for being a pathetic waste of space.

Day 2

An early morning start for all but Niko is booked for a lack of morning glory. By the time everyone has started to kit up at Capernwray James is booked for having fingerless gloves in 4 degree water, and Jodie is weight faffing. Will has managed to leave his mask in Nottingham so buys a new one, which he promtly leaves in the shop.
Woz and Jodie both manage to forget to do their dry suits up and Jodie mentions how small seems just right. During a lesson Will tries to kill Maddie and Helen forgets to turn her air on twice.
Before dinner Mark has obvious penis inadequacy but still pees naked with the door open. Hannah once again admits she is a sky diving slut and the England rugby team performance cheers no-one up.
While briefing everyone for the next day, Jodders severely underestimates the wellness of the days proceedings while Emily and Luke are absent for suspected sexy times. Archi turns up after dinner, somewhat late to the party. The evening quickly descends into games with Mark and Jon exhibiting box smugness and then Dave has dress envy.

Day 3

For some reason it’s snowed over night, yet everyone is still off diving again. Sam Clayman is booked for washing up inability then Luke & Emily take the chalet keys to Capernwray. Chris Middleton somehow gets lost and Sam Clayman is booked for general slowness and a sense of humour failure. Jodie is full of mardy moments and has eaten too many pies so needs extra lead. On the way home Woz decides to ignore traffic updates on the sat-nav and sits in traffic but this is nothing compared to the minibus which runs out of fuel despite the fuel gauge saying there was 1/8th of a tank left. Archi saves the day and brings some spare fuel!