Cornwall 2015

Cornwall has not been visited on a club trip for quite a long time and the thought of driving to Penzance on a Friday evening was less than appealing but we knew it’d be worth it! Woz decides we need to take the scenic route after leaving Nottingham to pick up Jacks twinset so we miss last orders.

Left to right, Jack, Woz, Davs, Peter, Lorna, Sam, Charles

Left to right, Jack, Woz, Davs, Peter, Lorna, Sam, Charles

Day 1:

Seggy Rock

The weekend beings with breakfast in the Penzance Youth Hostel expertly cooked by Peter and Lorna. We drive to the harbour and get distracted with the pirate ship before realising we are on the wrong side of the harbour. Meeting up with Sam and Charlie we load up the RIB and head out to Seggy Rock.

Seggy rock lies just East of Logan Rock and about a mile East of Porthcurnow. The main rock drops down to around 15m and the seabed around it is filled with large boulders and a sandy bottom. We drop in on the east side and investigate.


There is a bit of current on the site and we drop quickly to avoid the worst of it, the boulders are covered in jewel anemones in all sorts of colours and there’s even a few gaps to squeeze yourself through if you’re feeling thin. We often see dead men’s fingers and spider crabs as well

After our dive we head to see some seals and go for a quick snorkel with them before lunch, they’re inquisitive but don’t come too close


Alice Marie

The Alice Marie is an old steam cargo ship that sank in 1917. Being under the waves for nearly 100 years means that the wreck is quite broken up but you can follow the shape of the ship. We head down the shot and find the wreckage in around 25m of water.


Looking under the remaining plates and you might be lucky enough to spy a conga, but if not there are plenty of fish around, lots of crabs and dead men’s fingers poke out on any remaining ribs. The visibility was great which is useful when your dive buddy is like an excited puppy who’s been let outside for the first time.


The day ends with a curry in the local curry house. It’s a BYOB place and we decide that we should try Buckfast Tonic Wine as well as scrumpy. This can only end well

Day 2:


The Conqueror is a modern Freezer Trawler which ran aground in 1977 with a cargo of frozen Mackerel. It is fairly intact, and if you look hard enough you will even find a toilet that was added post sinking. It sits in around 15m of water and has plenty of spots to wriggle into or swim through


We head down the shot and find the highest point, almost like a pinnacle we swim down and around finding spots to poke our heads in. Woz has the bright idea of squeezing into one hole too many and has some animated wiggling to get out, trailing a stream of brown rust covering his backplate and twinset. Once done with the wreck itself you can head off to the surrounding seabed and investigate the wildlife. If you’re lucky you might see a cuttlefish on the sandy bottom, we’re lucky and saw three in one dive!


Unfortunately the weather is taking a turn for the worse and so we decide that we’ll can the second dive in favour of some real Cornish Pasties, ice cream and starting the long drive home early

All writing and picture credits to David Brander.
Special thanks to Charles Hood for a great weekend!

Trip participants

Peter Dix
Sam Hood
Lorna Burnell
David Brander
Alex Warzynski
Jack Moon